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A fascinating history

An exciting story
In 1923, Agnes and Rudolf Johansson bought the property on Kungsgatan 37 in Trollhättan. Agnes had for many years had lunch service up the Stallbacka industrial area, so it was she who took care of the business and Rudolf, who was the builder, restored and rebuilt and rebuilt. In Egna hems area, north of the center, there are some of his national romantic inspired villas left.

The hotel got its name from a Norse king named Bele, who appears in Esaias Tegnérs Frithiofs saga.

The house on Kungsgatan was built in 1909 and had, among other things, been a household school, but was now equipped and it became a hotel with dining room and in the garden out to the street it was serving in the summer.
In 1938, the new Bele was opened, which was built on the street. A very modern building with longitudinal balconies by continental model. The new building was called "stone beams" and the old "wooden beams" in the popular. The old wooden building was eventually demolished.
The hotel had about 40 rooms and in them lived both traveling guests and partly a number of permanent subscribers, who were very well taken care of by the spouses Johansson.
Bele was very famous for his good food eg. S.O.S (butter, cheese and herring) and over the years, many trolls have celebrated weddings, exams and birthdays in the dining room, which is in the same place today as when the house was built.

During a few winter months in 1940, pilots and mechanics lived at Hotel Bele. 43 American hunting planes were delivered in parts to Sweden and were mounted on Saab in Trollhättan. They are test-fled by the American Robert A. Winston and then fly to Finland by Finnish pilots.

Hotell Bele is today owned and lives under the direction of Ulrika Emanuelsson. The entire hotel has been completely renovated and has all the modern conveniences without sacrificing personal service and home comfort. All guests can attest.